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August 2018

Clear Blue Pool Ionizer: Clearly an Innovation

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We are always looking for the very best innovations for our customers and that’s how we came across The Clear Blue Pool Ionizer. Here’s a few things we thought you’d like to know about this addition to your pool’s filtration system that makes a big difference.

Here’s how it works. If you own a pool you are probably aware of the fact that bacteria and algae are the enemy of a clean clear swimming experience for you and your family. Algae in particular is usually the result of slipping in the maintenance or not getting the chemical balance just right. It’s important to use the right amount of pH levels and chlorine so the water gets disinfected and organisms like algae and bacteria get killed.

Algae Problem in Your Pool?

There are several ways you’ll know that you’ve got an algae problem. These include a green slime on the walls and steps, water that is cloudy -looking and liners that have a hard black growth on them. Here’s another interesting tid bit.

Did you know that algae isn’t really the problem? It might be unsightly but the real issues start with the bacteria that feeds on it when algae starts to grow in your backyard oasis. These bacteria thrive in your swimming pool once they take hold and it can cause a whole range of health issues from respiratory infections to gastrointestinal illnesses like E. coli and all whole host of other skin infections.

Clearly the Solution

The Clear Blue PoolIonizer is clearly the solution. The minerals this technology releases into your pool reduces the costs you need to maintain it, the time spent on chores you need to keep it clean and the amount of those tricky chemicals you need to fuss over.

The ClearBlue Pool Ionizer is easy to use. It released microscopic mineral particles into your water that are electrically charged and become mineral ions. These positively charged mineral ions “grab” and kill the bacteria and algae cells that cause the problems.

Eliminate Chemicals

It’s an easy scientific way to maintain your pool and you can cut way back on some of the other chemicals that you would otherwise need to use. Best of all, you’ll also be able to eliminate the chlorine smell because these mineral pools only need about half of that ingredient.

You’ll never find anyone complaining about itchy skin when you use this innovative system either. That’s because the controller that’s used here limits the amount of copper to a number well under what’s safe for even drinking water.

The Clear Blue Pool Ionizer is the healthy, innovative modern way to enjoy the summer in your backyard pool