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Pool Heater Repair

Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc  is proud to offer a variety of different services including pool heater repair in Toronto. Keeping this important piece of equipment in good order means you can enjoy a quiet backyard dip even when the weather starts to cool off.


Remember, these gas appliances should only be installed and maintained by trained technical experts. Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc has a team on staff that will make sure each of the heaters that we work on meet all of the operational standards from the manufacturer. That means you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable backyard experience in a safe clean environment.

Please read on to find out some of the other reasons why you need to keep your pool heater in tip top shape.

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Pool Heater Repair in Toronto and Temperature Control 

Maintaining the temperature of your pool’s water at a consistent level adds to the enjoyment of your backyard experience. Keep in mind there are many different reasons why this important part of your system can fail. Sometimes there is a pH imbalance that can cause significant damage to the workings inside a pool heater.

A dirty or clogged filter can be the culprit. Some of our clients call us when the heater won’t turn on at all. We usually find there’s an issue with the power supply or ignition system and perhaps even the thermostat.

Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc  has everything that you need to enjoy your outstanding backyard environment. There’s no better way to bring your family and friends together in one place than to have a backyard pool.

Our company prides itself on craftsmanship that’s unparalleled in the industry and outstanding customer care.

Heater Repair and Other Services Too 

Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc services your backyard environment for your friends and family. Remember, a well-maintained heater uses less energy to maintain a comfortable water temperature for everyone.

Pool heater repair in Toronto is also the right choice because the heater contributes to water filtration and circulation. It’s an important part of the overall system that keeps the water in your backyard oasis healthy and refreshing.

Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc takes great pride in the craftsmanship and quality in everything that we do for our valued clients. From installations to repairs we look at every single project as if we were working on it and putting it in our own backyard.

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