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Pool Leak Detection

Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc supplies pool leak detection in Toronto because we understand pools need a large amount of water. That can make it difficult to spot an issue. Our staff uses the most cutting edge technology and methods to quickly find any leaks and pinpoint the causes.

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve noticed a few common causes that result in this issue. For example, sometimes loose fittings on accessories can cause a leak. Over the years you have your pool there’s a general wear and tear on the surface that can be the culprit.


We use advanced tools and have the experience to find any kind of leak. Please read on to find out more about our processes.

pool leak detection

How To Find A Leak in A Pool Liner in Toronto


Our experienced staff can find any issues. If you’ve noticed a big change in your water bill, that’s a good indication you might have a problem. We always tell our clients to look at the colour of the water. When it turns green, that can be another pool leak detection in Toronto red flag.

Soggy patches of grass around the pool is another sign there’s a problem.

Why You Need To Find a Leak Early


Not fixing the leak right away can cause unequal pressure on the pool shell. That can make it hard to keep the water clean and safe due to an uneven pH balance. A leak that’s left alone long enough can even cause damage to your home’s foundation or the pool structure.

Our Process


We use comprehensive techniques to make sure a pool leak gets fixed quickly and efficiently. It begins with the pool owner scheduling a consultation so our professionals can locate the source of the problem.

Quite often it’s necessary to lower the water level to expose the problem. Our technicians are experts at removing any materials like decking before we begin.

Type of Repair


The type of repair depends on the problem. Liner leaks are an easier fix than more structural problems that might require replacing or fixing pipes and valves.


The pool leak detection in Toronto we supply includes open communication at every stage of the repair. We also offer advice for any pool owner so they can enjoy their backyard oasis. Remember, Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc  offers installation and maintenance as well as repair services.

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