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Retractable Pool Covers

Getting the right pool covers in Toronto is important for several different reasons. Top of the list is safety. The right swimming pool covers protect your family, guests and pets from accidentally falling in. They also act as an added layer of security to prevent anyone from entering.

Pool safety covers are also enhanced by the fact they act like  a barrier to keep insects, debris and other items out of the water. We offer a variety of different choices to cover all of your needs.

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Retractable Pool Covers in Toronto


These are an excellent choice because they are safe and versatile. What’s more, one of these retractable pool covers conserves energy to lower your costs. We offer a broad range of these to choose from .   The manual options that we have in our inventory can be retracted by hand or reel.

We are also proud to offer a track system that gets installed underneath the deck to retract the cover. Other options that we present to our customers include covers that are not attached to the structure of the pool itself.

Winter Pool Covers in Toronto


Tuscany Pools & Spas Inc carries an excellent assortment of winter pool covers in Toronto that can handle a tremendous amount of weight. Let us help you protect your backyard oasis during the Canadian winter with a variety of covers for inground and above ground pools.

The ones that we carry in our inventory are made from the kind of durable heavy-duty material that can withstand ice snow and other harsh elements.

Automatic Pool Covers in Toronto


If you’re looking for a safe, easy to use reliable choice, check out the automatic pool covers we have. These are often made of heavy vinyl and they work much better than their solar counterparts. If you live in a colder climate, these even boost the temperature of the water.

Don’t forget to ask about the fiberglass pool shell options we have. Remember, these are easy to install and a lot less complicated than a concrete shell. The fiberglass system is the right choice if you’re thinking about installing a saltwater system. We specialize in fiberglass pool shells that include factory direct pricing for your convenience.

A hard shell pool is an unyielding fixed structure that won’t lose its shape. It’s the perfect complement to the different pool covers in Toronto we carry.

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